The depressions got worse…
…and I buried all hope medication will change this fact
A life a fevre dream is never worth to be lived
A life bound in chains, only worth to be shattered
I’ll follow these shadows, to become one of them…

Save me from staying around like a shadow
Save me from straying this maze of void
Escort me home mother of dearest demise
Cause as a tragedian, I never learned to live!

Everything great was built upon sorrow
Everything weighty is reasoned on our treasons
Not to be free once broke my heart
But leaving you to erode me from the inside

I wear these wounds like a trophy
Cause life’s an only bloodline
I got born to this world as a stranger
As as such… …I’ll leave it all behind…

Everything great was built upon sorrow
Everything weighty was built upon blood and tears
But this has never been my idea of living
To find what you love… …and let it slowly kill you!

Time heals nothing!
Time is just an appeaser!
Time leaves the dust of days
Bears me as the outcast son!

Sleep well my friend
The journey has scarcely started
Pace yourself!
We will still be walking for miles
I know the specters
That haunt you in your dreams
Cause they already
Welcomed me as one of them


We are a generation lost
Born just to find all gods dead
All wars fought
And all faith in man shaken
A generation misunderstood
A generation in flames
The generation of the disrooted
And the damned