Ey yo R.I.P to my brother Pop Smoke man
My dawg forever man
I love you bro
To the moon

I want my dawgs back
You got us head full of tears yeah we all sad
Had me feeling good because I really made my dawgs rap
Any situation bro was there because he was on that
We was catching stains I hate to say it but it’s all facts
If I ain’t had a strap then bro was totin’ because we both tac’
I could bring up shit they never knew but this shit more than rap
Tryna tell me focus on myself I want my blood back
I swear that you don’t know the pain of losin’ somebody close
This shit go deeper than the gang I swear that nobody knows
They know that Pop was like my heart and for that boy I would go
I see you winnin from the start I seen you turn to a goal
My heart been broke and I ain’t never lose somebody so close
This shit go deeper than some music we was just sharin clothes
This shit go deeper than the industry and fame and the hoes
2015 before you had the Benz and the Rolls
Don’t you worry ima make sure me and Trey in the Ghost
And don’t you worry we forever screamin Pop sendin smoke
Too much demons on my mind I hope it leave me alone
I feel like God just had our back but why did he let you go
The pain hurtin’ why the f**k they think I’m gon let it go
The pain hurtin’ I swear I can’t take this life how it flow
The pain hurtin’ we got memories we never could show
The pain hurtin’ and I’m trying at my best not to fold
I swear I need to hit the top so Mrs. Jackson know that I got her
I swear I really lost my dawg, my rider, my top shotta
If I tell Pop to get em’ It’s safe to say Pop got em’
They ain’t want no beef with me cuz bro was quick to bring the ?
Bitch I’m hurt from what I heard I can’t just talk to anybody
And I’m tryna hold my head but I ain’ lose just anybody
It’s too hard to stand in front and know my brother ain’ behind me
It’s too hard to level up and know my brother ain’ beside me