Woke up and my head is pounding
Room is spinning like a merry-go-round and
Well I’m not sure exactly where I’m at
Lately my home is home is where I hang my hat
I’m in need of assistance
I hear pitbulls barking in the distance
While the wheels of a skateboard counts the cracks
That all the bums fall through and never ever come back
The church bells tell me I missed Sunday mass
Can’t hear them ringing as the planes fly past
A brief pause through all the commotion
And its good to be back where the beach meets the ocean
Cruise to the beach it’s the top of the afternoon
Haven’t seen a cloud in the sky for a month or two
Keep your eyes out for the girls or you miss them
Looking so good even the sun’s got to kiss them
In SoCal we got 10’s and 9’s
I’d trade my own parade for the girl with the tan lines
So let the muscle heads chill by the lifeguard tower
They’ll hit the gym, we’ll hit the happy hour
Bartenders they will fill your glass
They got heavy hands that’ll take your cash
The whole bar smells like suntan lotion
And it’s good to be back where the beach meets the ocean
At first I admit that I had my doubts
This town chewed me up and it spit me out
But in every bar I could find a friend
To pick me up when I fell to pieces
And put me back together again
Sun it sets over tall palm trees
That are not from here yea they’re just like me
And the names of streets running North and South
Come from those who spoke from their own damn mouth
It’s a dream one could only wish
To claim a street in a town like this
Where the groms grind rails over flights of stairs
And the surf’s so good that it just ain’t fair
We all watch the sun goes down
Everyone in the whole damn town
For one moment shares the same emotion
Yea it’s good to be back where the beach meets the ocean