Bow! Rich Lo in this bitch nigga, y’all better add me the f**k up man

BITCH! Ahhhhh, they be mad as hell I don’t give a f**k tho
Keep a roll on me , keep a pole on me…and I keep some hoes on me
Bitch , ahhhhhh


When we walk in the club , all the niggas put umbrellas up
I don’t give a f**k , white bitch look like Angelica
I don’t want the pussy if it stank , I can smell the stuff
Rollin’ like Bob the Builder how he put the hammer up
Bitch f**k yo Instagram , can’t even put cho camera up
Porsche [?] yea that bitch look like camel hump
Broke bitch can’t count , but this funny tried to add me up
Bitch ate the salad AJ Ally’s f**k the salad up
Crib in the ‘burbs walk outside I saw Daffy Duck
Damn near died had my momma shit sad as f**k
Beat a nigga ass in designer f**ked Bentley’s up
On that one block we got more weed than a Cali plug