January 22, 2021 by Leave a Comment

Kicking 2021 off with a bang, Yellow Claw has teamed up with Barong Family alumni Ramengvrl, Sihk, and Juyen Sebulba for the release of “BASSGOD.” The artists pair their attempts to push speakers to their limits after meeting in Thailand for several studio sessions.

With the label continuously scouting talent in various parts of the world, “BASSGOD” is simply a testament to the success of the imprint’s knack for giving artists a platform to share their art. Delivering fans a stout record that is driven by hard bass and a fast tempo, you’ll find all the adrenaline you need in these 3 minutes. Accompanied by a playful visual that sees the artists turn to hero-like figures, fans will surely get a kick watching these characters in play.